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2016 global LED lighting market reached $ 28.6 billion, the regional pluralism

In 2016 the global LED lighting industry has diversified trend. LEDinside senior analyst Wang Ting said that high electricity prices in Europe, its own production and assembly of products and intelligent drive LED lighting market development; the rise of the local assembly in North America, a strong dollar, subsidy policy to promote strong growth in demand and new business case to drive LED and engineering the rapid development of lighting; Japan is leading the promotion of LED lighting applications, the penetration rate increased year by year, so that the limited expansion of the market space, and then the more industrial and commercial lighting potential; Chinese architecture, industrial lighting market demand remains positive, but a number of suppliers, price competition intensified. In addition, Southeast Asia and other emerging markets, rising demand for lighting every year, considerable potential. LEDinside forecast 2016 global LED lighting market reached $ 28.6 billion, LED lighting penetration rate of 34%; in 2018 it reached $ 31.9 billion, 47 per cent penetration rate.

Alternative display technology advancing threat, LED backlight market in 2016 even more dangerous

2015 OLED began to frequent captured media forum, in addition to the layout of the long Korean factory vigorously promote, Apple has kept leering eyes OLED layout war imminent. In addition, quantum dots and development MicroLED also in full swing, for future display technologies Add a lot of unknowns. LEDinside analyst Zhang Jiahong said, LED backlighting market at price and volume Qi down the impact of the output value has shown a downward SLIDE, now also face a myriad of "self-luminous technology." In the internal and external threats, LED factory If you want to have a place in the future display market, must be made in response to the next stage of development possible, start early strategy layout.

Tier vendors fought in niche applications, the 2020 LED interior lighting market value of $ 611 million

LEDinside Statistics 2015 LED interior lighting market value of $ 605 million, estimated in 2020 will rise to $ 611 million over the next five years in a slight overall output growth. Wherein the highest growth for the interior panel, estimated value of compound annual growth rate of 3%. In addition, the 2015 to 2020 exterior LED lighting market value compound annual growth rate of 8%, including turn signals, fog lights and others have more than 8% growth, headlight module (the distance light) LED packaging production value compound annual growth rate as much as 11%.

LEDinside research manager Lu Li Shun said that the international tier LED suppliers have gradually reduced the proportion of the backlight and lighting market, in favor of vehicles and other niche applications. High reliability automotive demand, so that brands enjoy market monopoly advantage to be second-tier brands breakthrough LED quality, have the opportunity to break the monopoly of the next five years in the automotive LED market will be more manufacturers to participate in the next booming.

2016 UV LED, infrared LED application market prospects good, manufacturers continued to get into

Benefit from the UV-ALED curing UV-CLED market demand and technology upgrading, LEDinside estimated 2016 UV LED (UVLED) market value of $ 140 million in 2020 to reach $ 356 million.

LEDinside research assistant manager Wu Ying Jie, said the high price of high-margin advantage of the ultraviolet LED market has become the new blue ocean manufacturers, 2016 and 2018 emerging companies will continue to join, but only by chip and package management will continue to face price pressure of competition.

In addition, security monitoring, the rise of the iris / face recognition market demand, the infrared LED market is also a bright future. LEDinside estimates 2016 infrared LED (excluding optical sensing element market) market value of $ 278 million in 2020 amounted to $ 525 million, which in security surveillance applications about $ 174 million.

Wu Ying Jie pointed out that, with the wearable device was continuously introduced optical sensing element, and the phone brand factory demand, in 2016 the optical sensing market demand considerable.

2016 China LED chip, package, market share further enhance the international competitiveness of manufacturers gradually decline

The global economic environment, in 2015 China's LED industry overall sluggish performance. LEDinside Statistics 2015 upstream LED chip market reached $ 2.02 billion, 7% annual decline, the first time a negative growth; LED packaging market reached 8.8 billion US dollars, the annual growth of only 2%. Where Chinese manufacturers to grow by 7%, international manufacturers are down 10%. Nichia, CREE and some South Korean companies in China marked decline in revenue.

LEDinside analyst Yu Bin said that in 2016 China LED chip production capacity will continue to release more market share China chip plant upgrade; packaging field, with the technology gap continues to decrease, the price-driven market, international companies overall competition force will weaken, Chinese manufacturers continue to expand through mergers and acquisitions and other means to scale.

2016 global LED demand continues to grow, decline in value of the compression space

LEDinside Statistics 2015 the global LED output value (including visible light and invisible light LED) came to $ 14.325 billion, the annual decline of 3%. Nichia is still ranked among the world's leading LED element revenue, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Lumileds are close behind. Since the bargain between LED manufacturers led some mainstream specifications LED average price drop of up to 40% or more, plus the strong appreciation of the dollar, many manufacturers are showing signs of deterioration in revenue.

LEDinside Research Associate Roger Chu said that in 2016 the overall LED demand will continue to grow. In addition to OLED panel backlighting applications due to the rise, the number of declining use, the general lighting, automotive lighting and display applications are growing. In addition, this year, LED prices are still competitive pressures. However, many products because of excessive price competition has been sold at a loss, or even close to cash costs, depreciation relatively limited space